Protena’s CSR policy is characterized by its continuous effort to ensure communication and transparency between employees, the management, and the stakeholds. All employees are trained in the commitment of the company to CSR and the importance and value of each person as an integral part of the company’s performance.

To achieve this commitment, a CSR matrix has been developed, which serves as a guide for everyone in Protena, thus ensuring compliance with CSR practice. The most important objective of Protena in relation to CSR is that the company is aware – in an open and ethical – way of the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment.

Protena is currently affiliated with UniRSE and is in constant communication and development with companies in the private sector and Nicaraguan Society. In relation to the commitment with UniRSE, Protena strives to develop and optimize the company’s CSR Strategy.

Protena generates employment regardless of gender, religión, or physical abilities, working with non-governmental entities as FURGUS, who work for the develpment of equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

An agreement in conjunction with the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua UNAN-LEON in the area of microbiology has been made, allowing students to do internships that will ensure the develpment of their skills and knowledge in practice.

Another important activity of our CSR policy is related to children’s health at school. A Chilean scientific study, found that the fortification of biscuits with hemoglobin decreased anemia and improved the nutrition of the children that had been eating the fortified biscuits in school. In collaboration with UNAN-LEON, a scientific study has been projected, in which the Chilean example will be repreated, and school children in relevant áreas will be given hemoglobin-fortified biscuits. The intent of Protena is to donate the hemoglobin for the development of the biscuits for the study. . (For more information, see: or visit our website at

Most human and animal diet requires proteins allowing balanced nutrition to maintain ideal health. All our products take into account the unique profile of palatability, digestibility, and functionality of its high-protein products, allowing us to proudly display our motto: “We Nourish the Future!'‏”.

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