Production Process

Without Protena’s collection process, blood would be considered a serious environmental problem due to its high levels of organic material, as well as a high-cost byproduct of abattoir processes.

The first part of Protena’s product manufacturing process begins with the aseptic and hygienic collection of bovine blood. Our collaborators collect blood in certified abattoirs following strict good manufacturing practices (HACCP), creating a safety and guarantee, guaranteeing that the blood quality is apt for including in products for human consumption.

Once the blood is collected, it is separated into to basic products: Plasma and Hemoglobin. The plasma is frozen or dried according to the client’s needs. The hemoglobin is only available in dried presentation.

Protena also treats its industrial waters, product of the production process, through a unique method in Central America with the use of Bio-digestor lagoons. With these bio-digestor lagoons we create sustainable biogas as a source of alternative clean energy, drastically reducing the greenhouse effect of industrial waters. The bio-digestor lagoon process guarantees a way to treat water that can later be used in irrigation without harming the environment, complying with MARENA norms for it’s disposal.

With its collection of blood and unique treatment of  waste water, Protena prevents the discharge of organic matter into the environment equivalent to what 75,000 persons would generate daily.

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