About Us

Proteínas Naturales (Protana S.A.) was founded in 2005 as a Free Zone company as part of Protena International A/S from Denmark. It is dedicated to the extraction and hygenic processing of bovine blood derived from the slaughter at USDA certified and approved abattoirs.

The blood is transformed into top quality functional proteins with a high nutritional value, which are highly appreciated in the feed and food industry for human and animal consumption. Most of our production is destined towards exportation.

Through the use of cutting edge technology in specialized processes in our plant we obtain three products: Dried Bovine Plasma, Frozen Concentrated Bovine Plasma and Dried Bovine Hemoglobin.

Bovine Plasma is a protein high in nutritional value and an excelent complement in human food as a functional protein in sausage products.

Dried Hemoglobin is very beneficial in human and animal nutrition.  Additionally, hemoglobin contains a high percentage of iron and is ideal for people suffering from iron deficiency (anemia). Protena dedicates resources to aid governmental programs focused on the erradication of anemia in children and women in Nicaragua (*See CSR Policy of Protena).